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New and re-stocked patches

2016-02-12T02:35:56-08:00Apr 10, 2015|News|

New patches and re-stocks, on extra soft fabric for better details and comfort while still tough enough for your most vicious jacket: “YES!” by Lindsay Watson, look at that lil’ bud go! “Jouissance” by Ferin cause they only ever want to draw aggressive naked mythological figures, here’s some vague post-structuralist/Lacanian themes for y’all. And re-stocks from Nation Of Amanda (Nap All Day, Sleep All [...]

2016-02-09T02:09:57-08:00Jun 3, 2014|News|

Embody the ability to survive of a microfauna. Here’s some new Tardigrade patches and stickers that Ferin drew. Volcano lava, the vacuum of space, five different mass extinction events… we got this one. We made nine shirts too because the back-patch screen was big enough. Here ya go:http://silversprocket.gostorego.com/ferinfick.html

2016-02-09T02:37:54-08:00Dec 12, 2013|News|

With intense excitement we now present our first set of screen-prints centered on epic art without a band connection with works from some of our favorite artists in the punk scene – Nation of Amanda, Liz Suburbia, Will Laren, and Andy Warner, and a bonus xmas card by Ferin Fick. This is a brand new thing for us, and I hope these are well received as [...]

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