Sacred Heart

2016-02-09T02:01:07-08:00Aug 25, 2014|News|

Damn the man and kick-flip his head off! This drawing by Liz Suburbia is called Organized Sports. We made 50 screen-prints (18x24 inches) along with patches and stickers that you can [order here from Silver Sprocket]. You should also read Suburbia’s comics in our very own As You Were #1 and #3, and her Sacred Heart web-comic that Fantagraphics is publishing into a graphic novel [...]

Liz Suburbia announces new book with Fantagraphics

2016-10-27T00:55:18-07:00Aug 7, 2014|News|

Liz Suburbia’s center spread from As You Were #1 made you freak out and demand screen-prints of it (good call). Bitch Magazine then gave us a shout-out on behalf of El Sub’s chops (probably because of the awesome female characters and sex positivity in her art) in As You Were #3. At ComicCon last week, Fantagraphics (one of the most important comix and graphic [...]

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