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THE PHENOMENAUTS this dimension’s handsomest science band are launching a new mission to record an album and are calling on brave cadets like you to join the operation! We got big, wacky, and sometimes possible dreams ready to launch but we need your heroics and support to do them! The Phenomenauts have been hard at work constructing the most exciting rewards that natural law will allow [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:29-07:00Feb 26, 2013|News|

The Phenomenauts are working on a new album to be released this July, and counting on support from brave cadets like yourself to make this our most successful mission yet. For your heroic early contribution to the cause, we present you with exciting exclusive rewards [Click here for the rest] !(Source:

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Check out this bad-ass Space Babe artwork by Charlotte Drury! Originally drawn for Izzy’s zine, Freaky Is As Freaky Do, we have it on stickers and patches for just $1 here:

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Success!  **see: 

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