Silver Sprocket at TCAF This Weekend!

2020-06-12T23:37:57-07:00May 13, 2016|News|

Toronto Comics and Art Fest is our favorite comics event on the planet (tied with SPX), we are honored to be back this weekend! The Silver Sprocket table is in the first floor lobby so they can keep a better eye on us after last year. Find us blushing and giggling next door to our megacrush Fantagraphics for shenanigans and world premiere fresh gear from Liz Prince and Michael Sweater. Bring cleverly hidden whiskey.

Welcoming our new Social Media Supreme Overlord

2016-10-27T00:55:13-07:00Feb 8, 2016|News|

Hi folks! I’m Danny the Girl, and I’ve recently joined the Silver Sprocket family as the Supreme Overlord of Social Media! (not an officially sanctioned title) I’m super excited to keep you fine friends up to date on all of the SSBC happenings, including the fantastic contributions from all of the amazing artists and bands we are proud to support. So stay tuned for [...]

2016-02-09T02:45:41-08:00Aug 5, 2013|News|

SILVER SPROCKET AMBLINGS REPORT AUG-SEP: Yo goofs. After a 1000% comic-con victory we are packing up our trouble bags to get to The Portland Zine Symposium this fucking weekend! If you are up in that part of the country come say words at us, we dont know our booth # so just listen for shrieks, were trying to find flare guns. Also on August [...]

2016-02-09T03:01:49-08:00Apr 15, 2013|News|

As You Were: A Punk Comic Anthology is now available in the webstore! $5! Honestly, there are too many mad talented artists (and great stories) to name in this issue, check it out.

2016-10-27T00:55:29-07:00Feb 26, 2013|News|

The Phenomenauts are working on a new album to be released this July, and counting on support from brave cadets like yourself to make this our most successful mission yet. For your heroic early contribution to the cause, we present you with exciting exclusive rewards [Click here for the rest] !(Source:

2013-02-20T23:36:00-08:00Feb 20, 2013|News|

Gang of helpful ogres assembling Blackbird Raum’s False Weavers vinyl. There was a whole lotta Kate Bush and Tom Waits growling.

2016-02-09T03:16:45-08:00Jan 23, 2013|News|

Ryan P. sent us this picture of his rad 8-year-old daughter wearing the heck outta her Nation of Amanda “I Want All the Cats to Love Me Best” shirt! We’re always excited when y'all send us pictures of what you ordered in action, so feel free to email us or submit 'em!

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