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2016-02-09T01:43:21-08:00Jan 14, 2015|News|

Back in stock: The World/Inferno Friendship Society’s Turnstile Comix #2 by Mitch Clem and Nation Of Amanda! Limited pressing of 500 on whiskey-colored vinyl. 40 pages about epic battles with Snapcase and bonkers club owners! Pass out next to a record the color of Ferin’s puke after the Anarchist Book Fair! Comes with an immediate MP3 download. [Order here from Silver Sprocket]

2016-02-09T03:08:52-08:00Feb 27, 2013|News|

Heres a preview from turnstile #2 for the dum dums who dont have it yet! It must be your birthday! How old are you now? 21? good because every comic comes with like a fifth of johnny walker black and we could get in a lot of trouble.

2013-02-09T02:06:00-08:00Feb 9, 2013|News|

Ion cut their hand on a fucking disco ball while packing the World/Inferno Friendship Society Turnstile comics

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