The secret to getting better is that it never really happens.
In a collection of short comics, a young adult tries going home again, teaches a class at moon school, and muses on their journey while floating in a spaceship above Earth. At each stage of their life, their perspective on their own trauma, mental illness, and healing shifts. While healing may be paradoxical, all you can do is keep trying.

88 b&w pages; 7” x 9”; SRP: $12.99
ISBN 978-1-945509-89-6; Diamond: APR221810
Published June 2022

“Clemons’s surreal imagery and fantasy elements paired with deceptively simple, raw drawings capture the painful uphill struggle of recovery from mental illness with visceral impact and deep empathy. Readers will find this indie comics discovery a diamond in the rough.”

“Raw and piercing and bizarre and unkempt and sincere; it’s an alien that makes eye contact and recognizes you.”

Kyle Smeallie, Softies

“Raven Lyn makes the kind of art that makes me feel like a kid again. Raw, genuine, fun, and full of heart. This book is like a breath of fresh air.”

Mallorie Udischas-Trojan, Sweet Beans