Who are Clover’s parents? No one knows, but she’s a good kid despite being raised by a household with an enthusiasm for petty vandalism, dumpster-diving, and violent video games.

Please Keep Warm is a tender adventure in personal growth with plenty of buckwild shenanigans, high drama, and laughs.

It’s nice and gross at the same time!

108 full-color pages; 7″ x 10″; SRP: $20.00
ISBN: 978-1-945509-14-8; DIAMOND: APR202040

Dipped in realism, cuteness, humor, and knife fights, you will most definitely want to pick up this book.

Jazmine Joyner, Women Write About Comics

You’ve probably seen Please Keep Warm on Instagram, or maybe VICE? Either way, if you’re on the internet and read comics you’ve likely stumbled across Michael Sweater’s cute creations. This collection will see the characters adventures together in publication for the first time, alongside a whole new arc set a year before their online stories. I adore Please Keep Warm.Sweater’s observations manage to be scathing, sweet, and all too relatable, plus the world that Sweater creates is one that once you discover you rarely want to leave.

— Rosie Knight, Women Write About Comics