Looking for your next laugh? This illustrated guide to women, non-binary, and trans comedians has what you’re looking for! Showcasing emerging talent along with well-loved icons, you’re certain to discover your new favorite comic in the stand-up scene.

64 full-color pages; 7 x 10”; SRP: $13.99
ISBN 978-1-945509-99-5; Release date: 11/16/22

“No one captures the unique and nuanced energy of bold characters better than Sophia. A forward thinking collaborative artist that never ceases to impress the eyes awaiting her next piece. Wait, was this supposed to be funny? Damn, my bad.”

Marcella Arguello, Women Crush Wednesdays

“Sophia’s talent and aesthetic is only matched by how funny and fearless their work is. There’s absolutely no subject they can’t make gorgeously funny and accessible.”

Jamie Loftus, Boss Whom is Girl