About Silver Sprocket

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Silver Sprocket

Radical indie comics publisher and art-crew

Visit our clubhouse / gallery / store-front, open 7 days a week from noon to 7pm:

Silver Sprocket
1687 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

*We moved in March of 2019 from next door a 1685 Haight St

Our address for official correspondence is:

Silver Sprocket
1057 Valencia St
San Francisco, CA 94110

Returns? We accept returns only if we made a mistake on your order, or if you’d like to trade something for a different size of the same item. You’ll have to cover the shipping. Email before sending something back since we don’t keep large quantities of anything in stock and would want to save the size you want to make sure we don’t end up selling it before your return gets here.

For questions about mail-order, inventory, returns, and stuff like that, please email: mailorder@silversprocket.net

Submission policy:

Our hands are full, please do not send us unsolicited submissions.

Try self releasing, its lots of fun! Sell your work in our shop on consignment. Most of the books we publish were originally self-published before we licensed them for wider distribution and marketing. If you think your work is a really good fit for us, see if an artist we are already working with can give you an introduction.

If the above doesn’t work out and you *really* want to contact us about your work, email some links with a short direct cover letter including information about yourself, your work, what kind of specific support you are looking for, and why you think we in specific are a good fit. avi [at] silversprocket [dot] net

Retail Distribution – Books: SCB Distributors (sells to Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Turnaround UK), Diamond Comic Distributors, Birdcage Bottom Books, Radiator Comics, Spit and a Half, AK Press

Retail Distribution – Records: Alliance / Super D, Revolver USA

International licensing: Amber Garza at Sequential Rights

Anything else: Avi [at] silver sprocket [dot] net

You can also find us on Twitter FaceBook, and Instagram.