Ashley Franklin

Quarant-zine flash page from Austin indie-comics rockstar Ashley Robin Franklin! She has two new comics coming out in 2020 with Silver Sprocket, and if you pre-order ‘One Million Tiny Fires’ from us in the next few weeks, you get a free swanky spooky hologram sticker! Make sure you follow Ashley on the grams @arfranklinstein so you don’t miss any of her awesome shirts and epic illustrations. 


About the Sick Tats Flash Quarantzine:
Illustrated under lockdown so we can maybe keep the lights on, 30 of our best artist buds made full-color spreads for all your tatty-blasting needs.
Insane Jane Crowrock, Ivy Atoms, Ashley Robin Franklin, Sanaa Khan, Fiona Bearclaw, Jensine Eckwall, James the Stanton, Lara Kaminoff, Opal Pence, Sarah Duyer, Seth Katz, Sage Coffey, Hyena Hell, Meggie Ramm, Jane Woodall, Mary Shyne, Nicole Goux, Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Caroline Cash, Travis Rommereim, Gaia WXYZ, Becca Tobin, Liz Suburbia, Kelsey Wroten, Olivia Walch, Alec Robbins, Andrew Pena, Gracie CT, Josh PM, & cover by Michael Sweater.