Kelsey Wroten

Quarantine-zine flash page from the great Kelsey Wroten!

You wish your colors were as good as this. While you’re wishing, you should definitely wish for a copy of ‘Cannonball’, because it’ll blow your dang mind. Kelsey is currently seeking publishers for a transhumanist sci-fi comic graphic novel about a virtual reality game, and another coming of age comic called ‘Everybody Sucks But You’ that is basically Daria and Jane if they were emo in 2007.

Be everyday jealous and follow Kelsey @jukeboxcomix on twitter and instagram, or check out her website at

Grab a copy of ‘Cannonball’ here:

Illustrated under lockdown so we could try keeping the lights on, 30 of our best artist buds made full-color spreads for all your tatty-blasting needs.
Grab it here: