Next week, we are thrilled to be publishing Kimberly Wang‘s debut graphic novel about corporate magical girls in the apocalypse!

Entitled Of Thunder & Lightning, Kimberly has crafted a thrilling two-tone sci-fi graphic novel, growing the seeds of hope from the gravel of apocalypse. 

Read the first 15 pages below or visit our store to get your copy NOW!

In a world where pop media meets military power, two idol-supersoldiers are locked in a world-ending conflict on behalf of their corporate nations. Battles blast across a dying land, both sides convinced of their own righteousness. Ragnarok looms on the horizon. Yet Magni and Dimo—young icons created for the sole purpose of eliminating the other—find their closest reflection in their opposite. Now, completing their mission means destroying the one who understands them most.

Again, you can pre-order your copy of this debut graphic novel about corporate magical girls and the apocalypse NOW! Of Thunder & Lightning will be out next week!

About the Author:

Kimberly Wang is a queer Chinese-American illustrator, cartoonist, and RISD alum. They work as a background designer for TV animation and make independent comics.

They like cluttered spaces, architectural charm, and the surreal. As a writer, Kimberly likes to play with genre mish-mashes, dark sapphic stories, and interplay between the saccharine and the edgy. In their free time they enjoy rollerskating, playing video games, and indulging chubby plants.

You can find Kimberly online via InstagramTwitter, and their personal website.