Sprocket goat design by Kimberly Wang, holding giant scissors and pens behind its back with a spine wrapping around a book centered. Text reads, "Silver Sprocket, Art & Comix & Zines".

HEY! YEAH YOU! We are beyond excited to be showing you TEN original books coming your way this Fall!

From returning all-stars like Leo Fox and Ashley Robin Franklin, to new cartoonists to our roster like Steve Thueson and Yasmeen Abedifard, you don’t want to miss some of our best comics yet. A signature postcard box set from cartoonist Jenn Woodall, creator of the Magical Beatdown series, is also here as part of our Fall season.

And for the first time, all 11 releases can be ordered together as a season bundle, with additional art from Kimberly Wang (Of Thunder & Lightning) included! Get a care package of comics every month with this deal!

Check out the individual announcements for each title here:

Cover of PeePee PooPoo #1 by Caroline Cash.

PeePee PooPoo #1 by Caroline Cash

Four issues into the series and we finally get PeePee PooPoo #1! Was it time travel, or a marketing move? The world may never know!

In this issue: Caroline discovers a fresh start is surprisingly hard to make in “Ah, Philly.” Romance blossoms in “First Date,” a classic Alison Bechdel comic gets an update in “Femme and Butch,” and a night out turns complicated in “Stoned Again.” Caroline Cash’s gay, modern take on the ‘60s underground comic continues to make readers say “hell yeah.”

As always, this issue is printed with a cardstock foil cover and a PeePee PooPoo sticker sheet!

Saddle-stitched; 32 pages; 8.5″x11″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-045-4; SRP: $9.99; Release date: 08/14/24

Cover of Boy Island by Leo Fox.

Boy Island by Leo Fox

“Poor Lucille. You are in the elbow of your life, the place where it bends. What will you do?”

Your name is Lucille. You live on Girl Island, one of two islands created when the world was cleft in twain by an entity bigger and more powerful than you. But you have a secret. Your secret is that despite living on Girl Island, you are a boy. You fear deep down in your insides, that you may have been a boy for a very long time. And so you leave your home and your mother and begin the journey to Boy Island. Although it may be treacherous, it is the only way forward.

A modern transgender fable in graphic novel form, Boy Island weaves its way along the path of becoming with humor and insight, channeled through Leo Fox’s iconic art and storytelling style.

Hardcover; 168 full-color pages; 8″ x 8″ square; ISBN: 979-8-88620-050-8; SRP: $29.99; Release date: 08/21/24

Cover of The Night Never Ends by Steve Thueson.

The Night Never Ends by Steve Thueson

A horror comedy graphic novel about turning thirty… and also accidentally catching the attention of a killer cult.

On the Friday before Kate’s 30th birthday, she convinces her friends to go back to her hometown to celebrate. The plan: break into an abandoned house and hold a séance, just like she did in high school. As the friends join hands over the ouija board, an unsettlingly real scream splits the air. What started as a fun way to relive their punk adolescence before accepting the weight of adulthood turns into a night of fleeing bloodthirsty cultists. Can they find a way to get out of the suburbs alive?

Paperback; 128 full-color pages; 7″ x 10″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-051-5; SRP: $19.99; Release date: 08/28/24

Cover of When to Pick a Pomegranate by Yasmeen Abedifard.

When to Pick a Pomegranate by Yasmeen Abedifard

“I want to tear these thoughts out of my flesh. How could I forget just how rotten I am?”

In this collection of contemplative and cathartic short comics, the pomegranate Anar and the woman Guli exist as reflections of each other — repellent to one another and yet inexorably drawn together once more. As they evolve through each story, proceeding through the stages of the plant life cycle, they take on new roles: muse and artist, gardener and seed, lover and fruit. The iterations reveal new revelations, exploring the themes of shame, grief, destiny, and survival at each turn.

Abedifard’s comic form evokes Persianate storytelling and draws on stylistic elements found in illuminated manuscripts, building an experience as rich and complex as the taste of pomegranate on one’s tongue.

Paperback; 80 full-color pages; 7.5″x 8.5″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-053-9; SRP: 14.99; Release date: 09/18/24

Cover of Abortion Pill Zine: A Community Guide to Misoprostol & Mifepristone by Isabella Rotman, Sage Coffey, and Marnie Galloway,

Abortion Pill Zine: A Community Guide to Misoprostol & Mifepristone by Isabella Rotman, Sage Coffey, and Marnie Galloway

Access to safe abortion is a human right! This short zine explains one kind of abortion: with the use of pills misoprostol and mifepristone.

Abortion is vital healthcare and part of comprehensive sexual health. This zine aims to provide readers with accessible information about the pills mifepristone and misoprostol as options to manage abortion. Created by pro-choice community members, it covers the medical abortion process step-by-step, including what to expect, precautions, access, and more. Community knowledge is power and access to abortion saves lives!

Saddle-stitched; 40 full-color pages; 5″ x 6.5″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-054-6; SRP: $4.99; Release date: 09/25/24

Cover of The Skin You're In by Ashley Robin Franklin.

The Skin You’re In by Ashley Robin Franklin

For better or worse, the bodies we inhabit are our homes. But despite the old adage, home isn’t always the safest place to be…

Within these pages, Ashley Robin Franklin leads you through the corridors of the uncanny in eight horror comics that are just begging to get under your skin. Whether set in the arid desert or the rain-soaked forest, these stories reveal the fallibilities of flesh that lurk just beneath the surface. A strange desert flower offers an intoxicating balm to grief, a group of friends invoke an old tale by the campfire, and outside a remote farmhouse, something miraculous and terrible falls from the night sky. Bodies are found, lost, celebrated, borrowed, haunted — and irrevocably changed.

The Skin You’re In is the definitive collection of Ashley Robin Franklin’s horror comics, showcasing her skillful exploration of queer horror and the ways in which our bodies, relationships, and environments affect us straight to the bone. The book collects all her previously published work, such as One Million Tiny Fires and Fruiting Bodies, as well as five never-before-seen comics, including the 100-page graphic novella Contest Winner. It’s all packaged in a deluxe fabric-bound hardcover with foil accents. Just be warned: you might want to read this collection with the lights on.

Hardcover; 376 pages; 7″ x 9″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-041-6; SRP: $39.99; Release date: 10/16/24

Cover of Bloody Mary by Nick Winn.

Bloody Mary by Nick Winn

Deep House is the closest music to a heartbeat. Why wouldn’t a vampire love it?

Maria can’t wait to sneak out on her date with Evan, the cute boy she’s been crushing on. But their evening out gets sidetracked by Evan’s cousin, who just needs to stop for “ten seconds” at The Stake — a vampire club. Is the night ruined, or can the irresistible beat of house music help Maria have a change of heart?

Get into the groove with this funny and romantic comic from debut author Nick Winn, printed with a foil cardstock cover!

Saddle-stitched; 48 B&W pages; 6″ x 9″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-055-3; SRP: $9.99; Release date: 10/23/24

Jenn Woodall Postcard Box Set

30 full-color postcards celebrating the feminist artwork of Jenn Woodall, author of Magical Beatdown, GIRLS, and Space Trash, in a keepsake box set.

Aren’t you tired of being nice? Inside this box set, you’ll find 30 individual postcards of Jenn Woodall’s iconic and bold artwork, featuring women at their best, most unrepentant selves. Spanning sci-fi, fantasy, and the real world, each illustration showcases the punk attitude and colorful illustrations that Woodall is known for. These blank postcards, printed on thick cardstock in a keepsake box, are perfect for writing to your friends, enemies, and lovers — or just keep them for yourself.

30 full-color postcards; 4″ x 6″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-057-7; SRP: $19.99; Release date: 11/13/24

Cover of THE COLLECTED CRIMEHOT: VOLUME 1 by Alec Robbins.


A sexy sci-fi comedy about the three hottest criminals in the universe.

Haze: shapeshifter/galaxy’s greatest thief.
Blue Lick: catman/brawny getaway driver.
Rat: angel/bombshell hacker.

In a future where humanity was guided by an all-knowing Algorithm to leave Earth behind and colonize the depths of outer space, our three hot thieves plan heists that can’t be predicted by unfeeling computer code. Always on their tail is Inspector Hundred Cold, one of the Algorithm’s robot lackeys built to serve the machine-made status quo that our heroes simply can’t resist toying with.

A hilarious and erotic send-up of cat-and-mouse crime capers by the cartoonist who brought you Mr. Boop! THE COLLECTED CRIMEHOT: VOL. 1 includes the series’ first five chapters, packaged with a “slip” cover that can be easily removed to reveal naked drawings. We highly recommend this.

Paperback; 376 B&W pages; 5.5″ x 8.5″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-056-0; SRP: $29.99; Release date: 11/20/24; Mature readers only, 18+

Cover of Demons: Rise & Grind by Hyena Hell.

Demons: Rise & Grind by Hyena Hell

The worst part of Hell isn’t the flames… it’s the paperwork.

Bug and Grog are pit demons of Hell, and they’ve got it pretty good. Some routine brutality, some quotidian violence, and then they are basically free to do whatever (and whomever) they like. That is, until Grog gets noticed for being frustratingly competent, and ruins the whole thing by being sent to work in Hell’s “upstairs office.” As he tries to navigate a series of byzantine systems and bureaucratic absurdities, Bug tries to navigate the frustration of being left behind. Will Bug learn to accept this new status quo with grace, or do something impulsive and reckless? Spoiler alert: It’s something impulsive and reckless.

This fourth comic in the Demons graphic novel series by Hyena Hell can be read in sequence or as a standalone!

Paperback; 160 B&W pages; 6″ x 9″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-052-2; SRP: $14.99; Release date: 12/4/24

Cover of Belly Full of Heart by Madeline Mouse.

Belly Full of Heart by Madeline Mouse

A comic book ode to ooey-gooey homosexual lovers of the past, present, and future.

Like the rush of eating dessert before dinner or the tantalizing allure of itching a mosquito bite, Belly Full of Heart is a quick punch to the gut (romantically). Filled with illustrated vignettes of those moments where time slows and nothing exists except you and them, this collection covers topics such as being held, staying held, and squeezing the ones you love really hard. Read it beneath the blankets or gift it to the person who makes your heart pound.

Saddle-stitched; 40 full-color pages; 7″ x 9″; ISBN: 979-8-88620-058-4; SRP: $9.99; Release date: 12/11/24