Cannon Dill

2016-02-09T02:00:00-08:00Aug 26, 2014|News|

We just updated our Valencia Street gallery, including some new screen prints available in the shop.  Organized Sports by Liz Suburbia, Bike Babe by Charlotte Drury, Crust Punk Overboard by Will Laren, Care For Your Spirit by Lindsay Watson, Portal (Blackbird Raum) by Cannon Dill, Dumpster Diving (Nothing Nice to Say) by Mitch Clem, River Party by Lindsay Watson, and All Cats are Beautiful (ACAB) [...]

2016-02-09T02:38:49-08:00Oct 16, 2013|News|

We made some new Blackbird Raum merch including a badass new patch, new prints or Cannon Dill’s “Portal” design huge on the front of cozy fitted dirt-colored shirts, and a new one of a goose playing a banjo designed for “lady-bodies” (in quotes because we firmly believe fuck the patriarchy and wear whatever you want). On the Silver Sprocket store. 

2016-10-27T00:55:23-07:00Aug 8, 2013|News|

We will be presenting beautiful 18x24 inch screen-prints with artwork from Aaron Cometbus and Cannon Dill from our table at the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend. Each design is from a limited printing of 50 pieces, with 10 of each available at the show. We’ve been wanting to come out with these for a while, but were frustrated to discover that mailing them in [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:31-07:00Dec 15, 2012|News|

We’re incredibly excited to be releasing Blackbird Raum’s new album “False Weavers” early in the coming year, but in the mean time we have these t-shirts (design by Cannon Dill) and a handful of patches and buttons.

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