We will be presenting beautiful 18×24 inch screen-prints with artwork from Aaron Cometbus and Cannon Dill from our table at the Portland Zine Symposium this weekend. Each design is from a limited printing of 50 pieces, with 10 of each available at the show.

We’ve been wanting to come out with these for a while, but were frustrated to discover that mailing them in the right kind of shipping tube would run us $15 per order, three times the $5 we want to sell these for. Rather than getting ripped off on shipping we’ve decided to make these available directly from us in person to keep it fun and affordable.

From Aaron Cometbus we have the artwork from The Blank Fight LP including the full bleed that spills beyond the borders of the album cover. The album itself looks great and is suitable for framing, but this was exciting to me as first a rad piece of art, and also a glimpse behind the scenes into Aaron’s creative process.

Next we have a Blackbird Raum design by Oakland’s Cannon Dill, a piece we’ve been calling Portal. This artwork is stunning on the t-shirt and sticker, and now even more so on an 18 x 24 inch screen-print with blood-red ink on a natural off-white paper-stock.

We will have 10 of these available at The Portland Zine Symposium for $5 each, and then 10 more at The San Francisco Zine Fest, and The Fest in Gainesville.