New gear in the shop!

2020-06-12T23:36:46-07:00Jun 1, 2016|News|

“Skin A Catcaller” by Rachel Dukes on patches and stickers, from The #Degenderettes art zine. “If You Can’t Smash It Set It On Fire” patches by God Bless Generica. “I Have Beer, and always shall be your friend” stickers by Ben Snakepit. And.. Oh my Glob! Scream-printed some MAR CEL INE patches and stickers. Don't tell the Banana Guards. (Subhumans are cool though)

Degenderettes interview with Dax Tran-Caffe

2016-02-12T02:28:02-08:00Jul 7, 2015|News|

From our Degenderettes art show, The door I still can’t fucking get into. by Dax Tran-Caffee, musician with Corpus Callosum and creator of the twice Eisner Award nominated Failing Sky online comic. What is this piece about? I’ve never liked using the men’s room. I’ve been trying to get into this exclusive women’s club since I knew there was one. 20 years later other women [...]

Degenderettes interview with Kian Smith and Sara Sherman

2016-02-12T02:28:44-08:00Jun 26, 2015|News|

Tampons For Boys & Men (by Kian Smith and Sara Sherman) are Axe scented in sizes like .22, 9mm, and Magnum. Packaged in cigar cases to be, you know, manly. What are these all about? Kian Smith: Tampons for men are just tampons being sold using gendered marketing. I like to think of the fact that they are Axe scented makes people cringe and see them [...]

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