Tampons For Boys & Men (by Kian Smith and Sara Sherman) are Axe scented in sizes like .22, 9mm, and Magnum. Packaged in cigar cases to be, you know, manly.

What are these all about?

Kian Smith: Tampons for men are just tampons being sold using gendered marketing. I like to think of the fact that they are Axe scented makes people cringe and see them as gross abominations that should never go anywhere near their bodies. Where as in reality, scented tampons are very much a thing, only of the more “womanly” floral scent.

Why are you a Degenderette?

I am a Degenderette because I am a badass. Also, I donated some blood from my vein for this art show.

The Degenderettes art show will be up at Mission Comics through June 29th.