false weavers

2016-10-27T00:55:22-07:00Jan 9, 2014|News|

MUSIC WE LIKE FROM THAT YEAR WE HATED FALSE WEAVERS- BLACKBIRD RAUM Now originally we discussed not putting this on our year end list because of our bias, being that we released it and I’m literally sitting next to baby pyramid of them right now. But nobody else has wrote up their blurbs for their year end picks and I secretly wanted this up anyway. This [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:26-07:00May 14, 2013|News|

The signs cannot be mistaken, Blackbird Raum is ready to go on tour! Enough beholder blood has been synthesized into fuel suitable for an internal combustion engine. We have more than enough troll femurs to build a roomy van out of and around the world crusties are gathering at libraries to check their tumblrs to hear the good news. Yes, it is time. Put these tour [...]

Blackbird Raum interview in SC weekly

2013-04-17T16:47:00-07:00Apr 17, 2013|News|

Blackbird Raum interview in SC weeklyThis is a super rad read condusted by Aaron from Gnarboots about the band’s history and the sense of evolving the narrow view of anarcho-punk out of practicality and just boredom ultimately getting A+ results.

2016-02-09T03:09:40-08:00Feb 22, 2013|News|

tumblr_mil4su9RcO1qi57k0 The Lash, from False Weavers “Among our men, those who were most encumbered with clothing, gold and jewels were the first to die, and those who were saved carried the least and forged fearlessly ahead. So those who died, died rich, and their gold killed them” - Lopez de Gomara, Contemporary Chronicler of Cortes, referring to Cortes’ escape from Tenochtitlan, in which his men stuffed [...]

2016-02-09T03:09:42-08:00Feb 21, 2013|News|

tumblr_mil40ihSTB1qi57k0 A Rat in Thy Dream, from False Weavers “Know you not that two forces govern the world? Law and Chaos. The upholders of chaos state that in such a world as they rule, all things are possible. Opponents of chaos, those who ally with the forces of law, say that without law, nothing material is possible. Some stand apart, believing that a balance between the [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:30-07:00Feb 21, 2013|News|

Blackbird Raum getting christmas moring toddler excited opening the boxes of False Weavers records and map inserts!

2013-02-20T23:36:00-08:00Feb 20, 2013|News|

Gang of helpful ogres assembling Blackbird Raum’s False Weavers vinyl. There was a whole lotta Kate Bush and Tom Waits growling.

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