The signs cannot be mistaken, Blackbird Raum is ready to go on tour! Enough beholder blood has been synthesized into fuel suitable for an internal combustion engine. We have more than enough troll femurs to build a roomy van out of and around the world crusties are gathering at libraries to check their tumblrs to hear the good news. Yes, it is time. Put these tour dates in your long term memory because if they are coming near you and you don’t go see ‘em you’ll look a real fool. While we have you hear I suppose we can cry havoc and let slip a new Blackbird Raum video.

5/18/2013 Petaluma, CA The Phoenix Theater
5/19/2013 Arcata, CA Phil’s House
5/20/2013 Eugene, OR Tiny’s
5/21/2013 Olympia Northern
5/22/2013 Friends hangout day! n/a
5/23/2013 Friends hangout day! n/a
5/24/2013 Seattle, WA Vera Project Folklife
5/25/2013 Seattle, WA Comet Tavern w/ Danbert Nobacon of Cumbawamba
5/26/2013 Portland, OR TBA
5/27/2013 Redding, CA TBA
6/11/2013 Frankfurt, Germany Klapperfeld
6/12/2013 Bremgarten, Germany KuZeB
6/13/2013 Lyon, France TBA
6/14/2013 Barcelona, Spain TBA
6/15/2013 Torelol, Spain Eclectic Club
6/16/2013 Palafrugell, Spain TBA
6/17/2013 Madrid, Spain Wurlitzer Ballroom
6/18/2013 Spain TBA
6/19/2013 Bordeaux, France TBA
6/20/2013 Le Mans, France TBA
6/21/2013 Tours, France TBA
6/22/2013 Nevers, France TBA
6/23/2013 France TBA
6/24/2013 France TBA
6/25/2013 France TBA
6/26/2013 Grenoble, France TBA
6/28/2013 Laussane, Switzerland TBA
6/29/2013 Geneva, Switzerland TBA
6/30/2013 France TBA
7/1/2013 Reims, France TBA
7/2/2013 Paris, France TBA
7/3/2013 Leuven, Belgium Chaosbar
7/4/2013 Nijmegen, Netherlands De Onderbroek
7/5/2013 Den Haag, Netherlands De Piraat
7/6/2013 Amsterdam, Netherlands Anarcho Folkfest at Binnenpret
7/7/2013 Groningen, Netherlands TBA
7/9/2013 Hengelo, Netherlands TBA
7/10/2013 Antwerp or Gent, Netherlands (help!)
7/11/2013 Koln, Germany Osterinsel
7/12/2013 Munster, Germany Baracke
7/13/2013 Bremen, Germany Sportverein
7/14/2013 Hamburg, Germany Gangeviertel
7/15/2013 Copenhagen, Denmark (help!)
7/17/2013 Malmo, Sweden (help!)
7/18/2013 Gotenburg, Sweden TBA
7/20/2013 Oslo, Norwal Blitz
7/21/2013 Halden, Norway TBA
7/22/2013 Horten, Norway TBA
7/24/2013 Trondheim, Norway TBA
7/25/2013 Bergen, Norway TBA
7/26/2013 Stavanger, Norway TBA
7/27/2013 Kristiansand, Norway Makeskrit Fest
7/28/2013 Aalborg, Denmark TBA
7/29/2013 Recklinghausen, Germany AKZ
7/31/2013 Braunschweig, Germany Nexus
8/2/2013 Berlin, Germany Kopi
8/3/2013 Poznan, Poland TBA
8/4/2013 Warsaw, Poland TBA
8/5/2013 Lublin, Poland TBA
8/6/2013 Krakow, Poland TBA
8/8/2013 Leipzig, Germany TBA
8/9/2013 Flensberg, Germany Haversmarkt
9/23/2013 Corsept, France Couvre Feu Festival w/ The Offspring
9/27/2013 London, England TBA
9/28/2013 Bristol, England TBA
9/29/2013 Leeds or Bradford (Help!)
9/30/2013 Liverpool or Norwich (Help!)
10/1/2013 Brighton, England Cowley Club