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Liz Suburbia confirmed as San Diego ComicCon Special Guest

2017-05-04T14:10:47-07:00May 4, 2017|Comics, News|

Liz Suburbia is coming to San Diego ComicCon as an official special guest. See y'all in the treehouse; Silver Sprocket SDCC booth #1718, across from Fantagraphics, , July 19-23, 2017. Read on for El Sub's comic from As You Were, Vol 3: Big, Big Changes, if you've ever been hungry like the wolf.

New shirt by Liz Suburbia

2016-02-12T01:15:20-08:00Nov 13, 2015|News|

New shirt by Liz Suburbia with artwork from As You Were, Volume 4: Living Situations, in straight-cut and curve cut fittings from Silver Sprocket  

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