Illustration by Meggie Ramm

We are thrilled to announce a new distribution deal with Hoopla Digital to make our catalog of radical indie comics available for free to public library patrons for easy reading on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Anyone with a library card at a member library can now check out any of the 40 books we have in the Hoopla system.

A listing of our books available on the platform can be found on the Silver Sprocket Hoopla landing page, which as of launch includes:

Pinky and Pepper Forever by Ivy Atoms
Yes I’m Flagging by Archie Bongiovanni
Girl In The World by Caroline Cash
Nothing Nice To Say: Complete Discography by Mitch Clem
One Million Tiny Fires by Ashley Robin Franklin
F*ck Off Squad by Nicole Goux and Dave Baker
No Romance in Hell by Hyena Hell
Big Punk by Janelle Hessig
Emotional Data by Abby Jame
Fanlee and Spatzle Make Something Perfect by Pseudonym Jones
Satanic Feminism by Seth Katz
Sleepwalking by Lauren Monger
Unfinished by Tom Neely
No Better Words by Casey Nowak
Your Black Friend by Ben Passmore
Daygloayhole #1 by Ben Passmore
Daygloayhole #2 by Ben Passmore
Daygloayhole #3 by Ben Passmore
Your Black Friend and Other Strangers by Ben Passmore
Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince
You Will Be Okay by Meggie Ramm
Next World Tarot: Art Collection by Cristy Road
Siren School by Isabella Rotman
Dog Days of Snakepit by Ben Snakepit
Squatters of Trash Island by James Stanton
Morsel by James Stanton
I Think Our Friend Dan Might be a Dolphin by James Stanton
RADLANDS: Pinups by El Sub by Liz Suburbia
This Must Be The Place: A Please Keep Warm Collection by Michael Sweater
Catboy by Benji Nate
Please Destroy The Internet by Michael Sweater
Please Destroy My Enemies by Michael Sweater
Lorna by Benji Nate
You Can Try Again by Olivia Walch
Snowbird by Erin K Wilson
Magical Beatdown, Vol 1 by Jenn Woodall
Magical Beatdown, Vol 2 by Jenn Woodall
GIRLS by Jenn Woodall
Marie and Worrywart: Comics About Anxiety by Jenn Woodall
Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY Resource for Zines and Zine Culture by Alex Wrekk

Additional comics will be added to Silver Sprocket’s Hoopla Digital catalog on a monthly basis.