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2016-02-09T01:43:21-08:00Jan 14, 2015|News|

Back in stock: The World/Inferno Friendship Society’s Turnstile Comix #2 by Mitch Clem and Nation Of Amanda! Limited pressing of 500 on whiskey-colored vinyl. 40 pages about epic battles with Snapcase and bonkers club owners! Pass out next to a record the color of Ferin’s puke after the Anarchist Book Fair! Comes with an immediate MP3 download. [Order here from Silver Sprocket]

2016-10-27T00:55:17-07:00Nov 24, 2014|News|

Vice is running Franz Nicolay’s Ukraine Tour Diary in which shit gets weird. Art by Mitch Clem and Nation Of Amanda. CHANGING THE COUNTRY, WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE: A UKRAINE TOUR DIARY, PART ONE | NOISEY P.S. Silver Sprocket will release To Us, The Beautiful! on CD and LP January 20th

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Listen to Lemuria’s new song “Foggy Smoke” from Turnstile Comix #3 that we are releasing December 16th! The 40-page comic book by Mitch Clem and Nation Of Amanda tells the story of their harrowing 2011 tour through Russia. The 7" EP has three new songs produced by Marked Ryan of The Marked Men for the ultimate indie-pop-garage bliss! Read all about it and pre-order [RIGHT HERE [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:17-07:00Oct 15, 2014|News|

mitchclem: Made a poster for @Lemuriapop’s December east coast/midwest tour slash Turnstile Comix #3 release extravaganza! Watercolors by Nation of Amanda. Sneak peak at a LEMURIA thing we’re about to announce!

2016-10-27T00:55:18-07:00Sep 30, 2014|News|

mitchclem: Did the album art for a pretty rad split 7”. Joe Dunn did the colors. If this is the type of thing you’re into, you can get the vinyl here or the mp3s here. Kyle Kinane tells a weird story about a skunk! The Slow Death present their take on two songs originally from Richmond hero’s (Young) Pioneers! Art by Mitch Clem and [...]

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