2016-10-27T00:55:19-07:00Jun 12, 2014|News|

Throw Back Thursday to that time we nearly threw a Molotov Cocktail at the San Francisco Police Department in honor of Franz Nicolay. [Get the EP!](Source: https://www.youtube.com/)

2016-02-09T02:37:15-08:00Dec 18, 2013|News|

Continuing of series of our new scream-prints is the Chapel ceiling level Where’s Waldo centerfold from As You Were #1 by Liz Suburbia! This print is enormous, its at least a million. We are all getting them for each other for Cryptmas in the office. It’s gonna get super gift of the Magi up in here. HEY WANNA BUY A SCREENPRINT BUDDY? WELL HERE YA [...]

2016-02-09T02:37:54-08:00Dec 12, 2013|News|

With intense excitement we now present our first set of screen-prints centered on epic art without a band connection with works from some of our favorite artists in the punk scene – Nation of Amanda, Liz Suburbia, Will Laren, and Andy Warner, and a bonus xmas card by Ferin Fick. This is a brand new thing for us, and I hope these are well received as [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:26-07:00May 14, 2013|News|

The signs cannot be mistaken, Blackbird Raum is ready to go on tour! Enough beholder blood has been synthesized into fuel suitable for an internal combustion engine. We have more than enough troll femurs to build a roomy van out of and around the world crusties are gathering at libraries to check their tumblrs to hear the good news. Yes, it is time. Put these tour [...]

2016-02-09T03:21:04-08:00Jul 23, 2012|News|

Check out this bad-ass Space Babe artwork by Charlotte Drury! Originally drawn for Izzy’s zine, Freaky Is As Freaky Do, we have it on stickers and patches for just $1 here:  http://silversprocket.gostorego.com/char.html

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