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Listen to Lemuria’s new song “Foggy Smoke” from Turnstile Comix #3 that we are releasing December 16th! The 40-page comic book by Mitch Clem and Nation Of Amanda tells the story of their harrowing 2011 tour through Russia. The 7" EP has three new songs produced by Marked Ryan of The Marked Men for the ultimate indie-pop-garage bliss! Read all about it and pre-order [RIGHT HERE [...]

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We are tickled beyond hopes of repair to be releasing Franz Nicolay’s new album, “To Us, The Beautiful!” January 20th, 2015, on CD, LP and digital for the North American territories. If you’ve been living right, you will remember Franz from such bands as The Hold Steady, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, Against Me!, collaborations with bands varying from Leftover Crack to Amanda Palmer, and of course, [...]

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Street Eaters are our favorite local band. No fucking joke, listen to their upcoming second full-length record they’re self releasing called Blood::Muscles::Bones that you should go pre-order on their website then get your face melted off at these shows they’re playing in your basement: STREET EATERS U.S. TOUR DATES: 6/14 - Reno, NV - 606 E. 4th Street (early show!!) 6/15 - Salt Lake City, UT [...]

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tumblr_n6ks5lubiD1qi57k0 We’re releasing The Phenomenauts new album Escape Velocity on June 10th. Check out this cover of XTC’s “Dear God” from the new album. Mail-order here, watch the video for Broken Robot Jerk, and here are some shows coming up:  June 13 - San Jose, CA @ The Blank ClubJune 21 - Sparks, NV @ The AlleyJune 27 - Santa Rosa, CA @ Live Musician’s Co-OpJune 28 - Concord, CA @ [...]

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worldinferno: Here are the remastered tracks from the Turnstile Comix EP! Get the EP and comic book right here:

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From Dan Ozzi via Noisey Larry and His Flask and Cobra Skulls have a split 7” out next month and it sounds exactly like what would happen if a cobra really did get its hands on a flask. Well, not hands. But you know, whatever it is snakes use to hold onto stuff, like their little snake wallets and the keys to their snake apartments. What we’re saying is, the [...]

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touche dakotafloyd: The Pillowfights - Touche Marianne, Touche

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