From Dan Ozzi via Noisey

Larry and His Flask and Cobra Skulls have a split 7” out next month and it sounds exactly like what would happen if a cobra really did get its hands on a flask. Well, not hands. But you know, whatever it is snakes use to hold onto stuff, like their little snake wallets and the keys to their snake apartments. What we’re saying is, the 7” has tons of drunken, venomous bite. Larry and His Flask’s side of the record sounds particularly whiskey-soaked, which is saying a lot for the Oregon barn-burners. And Nevada punks, Cobra Skulls, up the ante with a raucous hoedown jam of their own.  

Getting your hands on a copy of this 7” is gonna be tough. Asian Man Records is doing a one-time pressing of 500 copies, which they seem to already be sold out of. WOW. The two bands will each have only 50 copies at Fest this year, and knowing them, they’ll probably trade them for a case of sarsaparilla and a beard comb or something.

So unless you can listen to it online, it looks like you’re shit out of luck. Fortunately, they are letting us stream the whole thing below so you can do just that