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For a limited time: Check out our gallery at 1685 Haight St, San Francisco, CA. We will be open every day from noon to 7pm until this building finds a “real tenant”

Silver Sprocket

is an art crew, comic and zine publisher, record label, and collection of budz making things while being self sustained disasters out of a bedroom and basement in San Francisco.

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GIRLS by Jenn Woodall

Jenn Woodall GIRLS
Fierce illustrations of badass femmes, including “You have been catcalled…”
(40 pages, full-color)

Be Your Own Backing Band by Liz Prince

Liz Prince Be Your Own Backing Band
Comics about life and music through a punk lens
(64 pages, b&w)

No Gods. No Dungeon Masters. by Io and Rachel Dukes

Io and Rachel Dukes No Gods. No Dungeon Masters.
An analysis of multi-classing between anarchist and nerd identities
(12 pages, full color)

Squatters of Trash Island by James the Stanton

James the Stanton Squatters of Trash Island
Up close with a band of squatters living on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
(20 pages, full color)

Siren School by Isabella Rotman

Isabella Rotman Siren School
A course in Sirening 101; Do it right and men will throw themselves into the sea
(24 pages, full color)

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Caroyln Nowak – No Better Words
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Nation of Amanda – TBA
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Liz Baillie – TBA
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