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vintage Will Laren 🏄💤 new 100+ page art book coming this year on @silversprocket 🔥 #punk #mutualaid @willlaren

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Next World Tarot

Cristy C. Road
Next World Tarot
A visual spectacle of both the battle cry and the reconnection between outcasts and their criminalized identities

Daygloayhole 3

Ben Passmore
Daygloayhole 3
Sci-fi punk action, feelings, & social commentary in florescent colors

Egg Cream

Liz Suburbia
Egg Cream Vol. 1
(with Czap books) Collects the newest and best that Liz has to offer, including dog dreams, modern day saints, and the first installment of the sequel to Sacred Heart.

Magical Beatdown Vol. 1

Jenn Woodall
Magical Beatdown Vol. 1
Hyper-violent street-harassment revenge anime in the style of Sailor Moon

Nothing Nice to Say

Mitch Clem
Nothing Nice to Say
Definitive collection of webcomics from 2002 to 2014 shit-talking all aspects of punk music and culture with updated context and commentary

News & Features

Presenting “Snowbird” by Erin K Wilson

Oct 28, 2018|News|

New Orleans, 2010. Erin K Wilson is trying to save the world while struggling to save herself. Using magical realism to convey complicated emotions and perspectives, Snowbird is a powerful and immersive graphic novel about navigating the anarcho-punk/activist art scene, reacting to environmental and personal devastation, racial inequality, and staying alive.




Publishing Soon:

Ben Passmore – Daygloayhole #3
Mitch Clem – Complete Discography
Cristy C Road – Next World Tarot
Abby Jame – Emotional Data
Liz Suburbia – Egg Cream (with Czap Books)
Jenn Woodall – Magical Beatdown, Vol 1 & 2

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