My other favorite contemporary Minneapolis export (in good company with Dillinger Four, Off With Their Heads, The Soviettes and That God Damn Du Wop Band) – The Slow Death – are going on tour! This is Jesse Thorson’s new band (of The Falling Angels) along with Mikey Erg and some other rocken rockers.

First, here’s a final preview page from Mitch Clem’s upcoming comic book, Turnstile Comix #1, staring The Slow Death:

(click to see it bigger!)

We are receiving the comic books this week on Friday and mailing em all next week along with the band’s new 7" EP, go to our “store” website to hear a song and order it if you want.

Here are the tour dates!

Friday May 13: Madison Wisconsin @ The Wisco w/ The Transgressions & The Turkletons
Saturday May 14: Chicago, IL @ Lucky Gator Loft w/ The Transgressions & Brickfight
Sunday May 15: Lansing, MI @ GTG House w/ Cartridge Family
Monday May 16: Ft. Wayne, IN @ The Brass Rail
Tuesday May 17: Dayton, OH: house-show (ask someone on facebook or some shit)
Wednesday May 18: Cincinnati, OH @ Goetz Alley w/ In Defence!
Thursday May 19: St. Louis, MO @ Warehousebar
Friday May 20: Normal, IL @ Firehouse Pizza and Pub
Saturday May 21 Sheboygan, WI @ Speakeasy w/ jetty boys
Sunday May 22: Eau Claire, WI @ Nate’s Dungeon

And if you pre-order (just a few days left!) your EP comes with this hand-screened bookmark! No bookmarks for anyone else, pre-orders only:

-Avi @ Silver Sprocket
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