Danny from The Pillowfights has more shirts than anyone I know. She goes to about 16 shows a night and gets a new shirt from half the bands at each one. She started a pretty damn rad tumblr to catalog every shirt she owns and just got around to one of ours!


Day 44: BAND shirt, from NN2S comic by Mitch Clem. My friend Avi makes these shirts and his friend Mitch Clem does this awesome comic that is the reason for this shirt called “Nothing nice to say”. NN2S started out as a web comic and then Avi put it out as a book on his bicycle club/record label/book publisher/all around fun time reason for making stuff, silver sprocket bc! One of the characters apparently always wears band shirts, like me, and so I think Mitch just wrote the word “BAND” on his shirt in every panel to signify that.

I have never met Mitch Clem but I would like to some day. He once told Avi to thank me for writing a song about him, I didn’t actually write a song about him but maybe I should cause if he reads this his heart might break. I enjoy his comics and artwork very much and he is also in a band called the tigermilks that does belle and sebastian covers and I think that’s rad too.