Ah ha…. A game is the foot…..

Avi fucked off to elope with his new cult in Europe for 6 weeks leaving us in charge, there are already 3 small fires in the office we just don’t know how to put out so to distract ourselves we are having a contest. Find Avi and send us photographic proof and we will send you a box of rad shit, all i want is to pet al the dogs, anarchy snails, phenomenauts shirts, gooberrys, our favorite records from our collection, blackbird raum monogramed sticks with leaves attached, it will be good. BUT you have to find him by your own cunning and instinct first. Better yet, the fool has shown us where to stick the knife! If you are in these cities look for Avi’s big crazy face and take a picture of it before you decide to befriend of capture him. I’m sure he needs some places to sleep and people to run around with but poorly planned disaster traveling is very exciting and whats worse than being bored?

He tried to throw us off his trail by replacing MARCH with MAY. But we know better….This continent wide Where’s Waldo starts right the fuck now.

God speed you magnificent ape.