We literally have an entire trilogy of movies that explain why that is a bad idea.

Why do people always want to fuck with dinosaurs and reptiles? That shit never turns out okay. What about bringing back the dodo bird or something cute and fuzzy? 😛

Dear Science: For Christmas I want plesiosaurus, wooly mammoths, tasmanian tigers, dodo birds, and the pink dolphin brought back pls and thank



To clone dinosaurs we would need an entact dinosaur genome and a long time of shooting in the dark over how to gestate the clone so it will work. Its hard enough getting one out of a woolly mamoth preserved in permafrost. Most every fossil is not actually bone and what you see in museums is just the inorganic material that took the place of the organic bits of dead guys as they decompossed under the right circumstances, otherwise we would be tripping over the bones of dead things all the ding dong time. So we have almost nothing to work with right now to make a dinosaur. If we ever get something like dinosaurs, it will probably be something made entirely in a lab unrelated to real dinosaurs at all.

Stop talking about this at parties because everyone looks so woudned when I tell them.

one of the phenomenauts talking science at my tumblr friends

this is the day I have reached nirvana