Title: Good Luck #1 & #2

Artist/Writer: Joe DeGeorge

Publisher: Self-Published



Good Luck is a pop punk band Bloomington, Indiana. Joe DeGeorge is one half of Harry and the Potters. DeGeorge has put together 2 comics that tell some quite extravagant stories involving forever changing band shirts, time travel, pop punk and being mystified by things.

Issue one starts in a basement show in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. The complete page art is just awesome. DeGeorge has simple figures, but all of which have unique features. And close to the foreground we have some slightly more detailed heads. I really like the busyness of this panel, really encompasses a great basement show. 

Is that someone barfing?

The issue takes a turn for the best when we realize this is far from a tour journal, but a science fiction adventure! After getting ready for bed by of course Pajammin

…our fearless pop punkers are transported back in time to Ancient Rome! “What the punks?” they say as they look up at the coliseum. I hate to ruin the rest of the issue but can you imagine this going anywhere than great?

Issue two is more of the comic book Good Luck (I pray not far from the real thing) we grew to love. But here Good Luck is put on a, god forbid, LIVE NATION show! and with FUGAZI! But not is all as it seems…

…EVIL FUGAZI!! The comic is full of these wonderful punk references similar to the work of Mitch Clem. The comic is full of wonderful and hilarious drawings of Bruce Springsteen, a car full of Paul Baribeaus, and Matt Tobey shaving that wonderful beard! DeGeorge has a really good time poking fun at this friends, you can really feel it in these 40 page books. The second issue came out soon after the first, I can only hope the 3rd is somewhere in the works…

wait, what is this? I want this.