Hey babies. Silver Sprocket head nerds (Ferin, Ion, Avi, Adam) are going to San Diego commie-con July 17th through 21st and its gonna get spicy. We are sharing a table with our mega-crushes Poseur Ink and when not stationed there we will be running around with backpacks full of stuff to trade and give away and if we dont forget (we will forget) will be using this tumblr to yell stuff at you about what weird shit some out of touch corporation is doing to capitalize on con and how we plan on ruining it in our own lovable shit-lord fashion, where to meet us for imporptu hood-of-a-hummer-with-yet-another-Dexter-ad/dealer floor/hotel lobby shows, and why you should be our friend. (you shouldn’t, we are mean con drunx)

Organizing a contingent of anarcho-nerds to con it up with is a big dream of ours. The cross section is narrow between geek and radical and sometimes it is the only place we feel comfortable and if you feel similar than we want you on our team.