Because Ion wants to wallpaper the Command Center’s rooftop hallway with them


My name is Archime Vic. I’m attempting to start a new church in Oakland California, a part of the country in dire need of Jesus’s message as I’m sure you know. We operate in an impoverished part of West Oakland where most of the younger ones are turning away from Jesus for Anarchism, drugs, hip hop and punk rock lifestyles and the churches around here ARE NOT HELPING! They attempt to get at the children with a sickening Unitarian message that dilutes Jesus’s teachings and, in my opinion, emboldens Satan’s cause. Some of the so called youth “churchs” around here have begun having rock and roll shows to get kids off the streets. A noble cause but only if its turning them to Jesus right?! One church allowed the known atheist, fornicator and foul mouthed band The Phenominauts to play a show inside one of gods house! THAT was the last straw for me! This type of appeasement is happening too much in my city and I see can see children staying off of drugs and doing charity work but when I invite them to bible study they haven’t the time! It was very stressful but we finally got a space off of west grand avenue to conduct sermons and have bible study and our group is sparse but committed. I was trying to think of a way to attract more youngsters to our cause and a good young christian man named Anthony gave me the Chick tracts his friend gave him. Apparently he got lots from comic-con in San Diego and I loved them and more importantly the kids did to! (My personal favorite was a tattered old copy that has seen lots of love dealing with rock and roll whose name I forget. Had the devil telling people to not worry and keep partying and how they will never regret it. What a story!) I think these comics are just what the kids need to get excited about the one true path to Jesus without resorting to the rock n’ roll evangelicals “hipper” more “modern” and lax on the truth version of Jesus’s teachings. We are struggling just to fix our plumbing and pass regulations out of my own and my partner Eli’s pocket but I would love to have a Chick library in the One Path Church of West Oakland! I understand times are very tough and I am loath to ask for a handout but I am curious whether you have a system to help up and coming ministries with some comics? However much you want to send would be a blessing (especially if its all of them! Haha!) and the kids will be thrilled! We would love to send some pictures once we receive them of our growing congregation if you want some for the website or just to let you see Christ’s true message is alive and well in Oakland California!

If you have the resources please send some of your wonderful comics to

Pastor Archime Vic

(I’m not giving tumblr The Command Centers address)

Thank you and God bless!


If you have any good stories about scamming churches we wanna know about it/copy you.