• Featuring the hits “Hotbox Car”, “Bad Weed, Dealer’s Fault” and “Kiss The Bongload”
  • Limited pressing of 500 on Jamaican Banana Yellow vinyl
  • Full color covers, lyrics and MP3 download code

Listen! Get it! http://silversprocket.gostorego.com/jahbreaker.html

Through the jagged peaks of Mount Zion, the shantytowns of Kingston, and suburban 7-11 nacho bars, the men of Jahbreaker have been leaving an impenetrable cloud of ganja smoke, mango rinds, black light bulbs, and Irie vibes in their wake. Bless. Hailing from San Francisco’s Mission District, the band staunchly and passionately bears a self-proclaimed directive to “extinguish the flames of Babylon with Selassie-I’s truths.” This isn’t your grandpa’s doobie. Jahbreaker’s bowl is packed to the rim with profound, progressive lyrical philosophies, riddims that pulse to-and-fro like palms blowing in a moist tropical breeze, and spiritual, all-soothing melodies. Praise be to Jah. Addressing devastating real-world issues such as the munchies, Haight Street beat cop shakedowns, Ital veganism, hypocrisy in the reggae community, and running out of weed, not only will you relate to these musings, you’ll be captivated and ushered to a higher astral plain. Indeed, Jahbreaker is a truly mystical redeye special. Bagel Bites. Grab yourself a Red Stripe, a spliff of kind herb, a hammock by the beach (boyeeeee), and let your natty dreads shake to these authentic Rasta vibrations. Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme. Come on everybody, it’s Jahbreaker time.