As You Were #1 review in Maximum Rest and Relaxation!

Wow, True Believer! What an amazing comic zine, well put together, printed well, cardstock cover and it’s all about house shows! Tales of victory, regret, missed connections, gripes, glory, and rage. This zine is doing so many things right, it’s got a pretty equal mix of boys and girls, straights and queers, jaded complainers and stoekd kids, a beautiful cover by Steve Larder and even better centerfold by Liz Suburbia that I want blown up on my wall. Liz Prince and Anthony Sorge’s minster stories are hialrious, Brian Connelly and Ashley Palafox bring up very important points on being considerate at a show-I could keep going don’t take my word for it, go get it. A Must Have.

Yeah, How can we make a poster of that Liz Suburbia centerfold happen?