We are on our way to commie con and boy, we have really honed our plans for a guerrilla embarrassment war on geek misogyny/transphobia on con creepos and higher-ups alike. Carving out a radical circle in your local nerd community, is the most effective way to do it. BUT kicking in the door throwing pies at the biggest corporate nerd event in the world is the most FUN way to do it so fuck off back to the 4chan you came from if you cant hang and step off trying to grope up on our cosplayers in arms lest you get a glitter bomb in your shitty jerk eyes.

Find us @ The Small Press booth Q-12 or just meandering about San Diego. We will give you stickers and potions and sneak you into only the finest dork parties because we know you are A #1 and deserve only the weirdest and most free vacation movie studios are willing to shell out on ungrateful, very very cute, assholes like us.