Sometimes I make stickers with slogans I think the world needs and then put them on stuff because free speech isn’t just for people who can afford billboards. 
Want to help? We’re giving all of these away for free to anyone who wants to put them on things or you can get all five for a dollar if you want on our website.
“ObamaCare still isn’t socialized medicine” is something Paddy from Dillinger Four said at The Fest this year because why the fuck can’t we take care of each other. “Don’t fucking say to be patient” is the opening line to RVIVR’s song “Rainspell” that I think is really important in a whole lot of different contexts. Ion said “nobody likes a tough guy” and I sort of went wild with it. “more kissing” is from when I had mono. "minimum wage is a gateway drug” is an amazing song title and song from Dillinger Four and the only shirt I wear that I don’t mind when random people stop me to ask about.