Liz Prince is the best, Liz’s comics are the best, get her new book!


Hello Lizbians,

It’s that time of the year again, for my annual birthday request. The best gift you could give me for my birthday is to share my comics with friends who you think would enjoy them as much as you do. As an artist, the only external gratification I get is that people (sometimes) like my work! This year is a little different, because in February my first new Top Shelf book in 5 years will be available in comic shops and bookstores! Alone Forever: The Singles Collection is a compendium of all the Alone Forever strips from my website, as well as new material never available anywhere else.

 Here’s where you come in: If you’ve enjoyed the comics series that I’ve been posting online since 2010, please consider buying the book!

1. Pre-order is available from Top Shelf Productions.  Ordering the book online from Top Shelf puts the money directly into my publishers hands, which is better than siphoning it through a conglomerate like Amazon.

2. Actually requesting the book from your local comic shop or independent book store.  This method is probably my favorite, because it supports a local business, my publisher, and myself.  The more people that request the book from an actual storefront, the more copies that might get ordered for the shelf, that way a browser can discover the book and enjoy it just as much as you!

3. Just reblogging your favorite Liz Prince comic, and pointing people towards my website.  Who knows, maybe you’ll gain me a lifelong reader, and for that I’d be eternally grateful!

Thanks for supporting me through another awesome year of drawing comics.  Seriously, if it weren’t for you readers, I wouldn’t exist!