Imagine being caught in a twirling nightmare room from some cyber-punk excuse for a carnival. You are unsure how you got here. On the second minute you question if this was worth your 7 tickets. On the tenth minute you know something is terribly awry. The conductor is nowhere to be found. You are alone. Lights bombard your eyes and a sonic fume from cyborg hell is digging its way into the ridges of your brain. Pressed against the wall spinning ad-infendum, Fingers barely able to flee from the red cushioned wall, lips receding from gums and flapping like a white flag against some horrible wedding of human creation and natural law.
 Now imagine that room is  suddenly full of cats and dogs of all breeds and fashions who don’t seem to realize centrifugal force applies to them as well. Moving, floating under their own wills. Somebody has given them giant sparking wires, pro-tool power tools, and  wide-mouth unlabeled booze and they seem to know what they are doing. You are gradually overcome with a sense of peace. You accept that this may be where it all ends. Suddenly you yourself begin to slide down the wall and can stand by your own power despite the spinning saucer not only retaining its speed but going faster. No, not only stand but…float!? You are above the diamond plate floor of the ride that was to be your tomb with these liberated household noise savants and you come into their fold as an equal. They hand you some broken robot parts and a very large hammer. A Doberman gracefully floats behind your head and whispers “party time”
And it is.

That’s how I feel about this album. Melt banana’s best since Bambi’s Dilemma and bar none my favorite of the year.


(Expect more of these. We are not sorry.)