Four drawings of Chuck Ragan, drawn by me, inkwash by Nation of Amanda.These were for an article by Dan Ozzi in the newest issue of New Noise Magazine (and make more sense in the context of the article).

My art improves to an unbelievable extent by simply shrinking it down for print. I don’t know why, but it’s a fact. And so I always draw things larger in real life than they’re gonna wind up in print. 

With these above images, I went a little overboard and drew the originals WAY bigger than they were supposed to end up in the magazine (no idea why I decided to do that), and then I got the issue in the mail and the drawings were actually much, much smaller than I’d been told they would be, which means I drew the originals way way WAY WWAAAAYYYYYY bigger than I needed to. Insanity.

But I love how they turned out, especially the skateboarding one, and the article is actually very sweet. Working with the people at New Noise was super great because they were incredibly nice and actually paid me for my time without me even having to ask (you’d be surprised how many freelance art conversations end abruptly after me mentioning I charge for my work). A great experience all around, and I hope they have me back!