Want to learn more about independent record labels and publishers? Bored and want something to do? Silver Sprocket is offering structured “Internships” and snack-filled “shit-work shifts” in San Francisco, CA.

Details: http://tumblr.silversprocket.net/intern

Shit-Work Party:

We have lots of records that need to be put together, packages to send, shirts to fold, and general bullshit like that. Come help out, hang out, get snacks and drinks, free merch, whatever. You can totally pick our brains about whatever you want or just listen to music and hang out or who cares. If you’re interested in helping with shit-work, please e-mail a little about yourself and your availability to avi@silversprocket.net

Internships Available at Silver Sprocket in San Francisco, CA.

Silver Sprocket is offering unpaid internships in our San Francisco office for students seeking to learn more about the world of independent music, comic book and zine publishing and related creative fields.

We are new to having interns, but programs offered by our peers last for six months, one day a week, for 6 hours a day. This sounds good to us, or whatever you or your school needs is probably fine so long as there is a regular structure to it.

You will get a taste for what goes into the operations of a modern record label/publisher. This will range from the mundane (like folding t-shirts and putting stickers on things) to more interesting jobs such as working with artists and management, planning and carrying out logistical and creative projects, learning about the manufacturing of records and books, graphic design, photography, copy-writing, marketing, sales, press, social media, setting up and attending events centered around music/art/publishing, and a slew of random odds-and-ends in our rapidly changing universe.

Perks include passes to live shows/events, free Silver Sprocket merchandise, coffee and snacks.

We prefer our interns to possess at least some of the following skills:

  • Basic familiarity with Microsoft office or Google Docs
  • Good written and verbal communication
  • Self-starter, well organized, and willing to learn
  • Tumblr/Facebook/Twitter skills (a plus but not required)
  • And bonus if you are familiar with Adobe software

Let us know about any particular areas you are especially interested in or ideas you have to make this as fulfilling and valuable for you as possible.

You should be familiar with and interested in what we’re about.

The role includes plenty of direct interaction with our entire team that usually works in close proximity in the basement of a San Francisco Victorian a few blocks from the 24th Street BART station. Street parking is difficult, you’ll do best with a bicycle (we have a secure “bike room”) or on public transportation.

If you are interested, please email avi@silversprocket.net