David Combs (aka Spoonboy) continues to blow my mind with excellent new songs and videos. Here’s a new one for The Dispossessed from the split EP with Colour Me Wednesday on Lauren Records.


Spoonboy “The Dispossessed” music video premieres today at GoldFlakePaint!
(CW: depictions of relationship conflict)

Produced and Directed by WIlliam Holloway, David Combs, & Benjamin Epstein”

The Dispossessed” appears on a split LP with Colour Me Wednesday on Lauren Records and is available here.  You can also download the song for free here.

VIDEOGRAPHY by William Holloway & Benjamin Epstein

EDITING & ROTOSCOPING by Benjamin Epstein

LINE DANCERS: Syd Browning, Emma Cleveland, Willa Rae Culpepper, Dru Edmonson, Elizabeth Falcon, Bob Hayes, Aaron Goggans, Pierette Montone & Jordan Oeste

BREAK UP PARTY GOERS: Clive Barker, Dante Belzer, Leigh Bergman-Powell, Erika Beveridge, John “Toast” Blundell, Christine Cunniff, Benjamin Epstein, Chase Felker, Sharena Hagins, Cameron Hartofelis, Lillie Harris, Katie Kaufman, Barbetta Jones, Scott Jones, Raven Demi Lake, Noel Manzullo, Jake McDaniel, Patrick O’Brien, Anderson Oerth, Joey Patchan, Andrew Robinson, Clove Roses, Rob Santucci, Ariana Stone, Daoud Tyler Ameen, Kit Wagner, Eric Whatevr & Steph Zazanis (not pictured: Al Budd, Tara Robles, Rebecca Helgerson, Holly Poole-Kavana, Screaming Baby Jean)

CHOREOGRAPHY by Aaron Goggans

LETTERING by Lindsay Eyth

DIRECTOR OF BALLOONS: SweetDee Frostbutter

IN LOVING MEMORY of Lulu the Dog

THANKS to The Rocketship

On this recording Spoonboy is David Combs, Michael Cantor, Mike Harpring, Emma Cleveland, & Theo Hilton.  Recorded by Peter Helmis at Studio P at Big Mama’s Warehouse.  Mastered by Dead Air Studios.  Technical help from Dave Eck, Steve Steckler, Joe Mitra & Denny Muller.