If you’re gonna be in the Comicon area hit up citizenion and the silversprocket crew about the gender secessionist buttons i designed!

We’ve invested in a pile of battery powered hair-clippers, find us on the convention floor at this year’s San Diego ComicCon and get a free super-rad secret gift after accepting a free super-shitty haircut. We’re the ones in accidental Mad Max cosplay.

Aside from our obnoxious shenanigans, we will have a very limited official presence, and the premiere of this brand new secret design, at booth #1135 of our dear friends at Mixtape Comics. We also encourage you to visit Fantagraphics for the new Sacred Heart book by Liz Suburbia and Wuvable Oaf book by Ed Luce, Top Shelf for the new You Don’t Say book by Nate Powell, Last Gasp to hang out with Janelle, and Adult Swim to remind us to do something else.