Check out Anarcho-Geek Review’s interview with Ion O’Clast about their “No Gods, No Dungeon Masters” comic.

Our narrator states that these “subcultures don’t have a lot of overlap, but I do.” Which is probably a statement that the readers of this site will agree with. But I have to wonder. The majority of anarchists I know are geeks of one variety or another. Is it more true to say that we have just traditionally separated the two? I know for myself these two identities remained separate for years. Yet I can thank my early dreams of playing a Ranger/Druid who protected the forest from the encroachment of civilization as a catalyst to discovering Earth First. It’s only been more recently, after comes to terms with the fact that at least for me the two are inseparable, that I have found greater comfort in both.


Read the full interview [HERE] and we have the comics back in stock [from Silver Sprocket].
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