Irene is a damn good indie-comics anthology series that
happens to be published from a small shed in the Silver Sprocket backyard.

The three editors, Andy Warner, D W, and Dakota McFadzean,
met attending the Center for Cartoon Studies, the “go-to” school for
making and loving comics outside the DC and Marvel “superhero” mold. Their love
of the medium is clear as they consistently pack each issue with new comics
that melt my brain with how engaging, funny, moving and just plain weird and
different indie comics can be.

We are excited to present their latest, Irene 6, as part of
our mail-order and collection of comics we carry at conventions.

Silver Sprocket regulars will recognize new comics from Andy
Warner, artist for our “Critical Hit” design with a D20 crushing a
police car
; D W, artist for the “Make me feel used, no wait…
design; and Ben Passmore from New Orleans, responsible for “All Cats Are Beautiful
and his own gorgeous “Daygloayhole” post-Katrina abstract sci-fi epic that
we’re re-issuing in 2016.

The fun doesn’t stop here, as Irene 6 has 216 pages
of new comics by artists from every single continent, even Antarctica, and like
I said earlier, is a damn good read.

Read more about Irene 6 and [buy it online from our shop], and
[follow Irene Comics on Tumblr]