Sturgeon of Leftover Crack was kind enough to include Blackbird Raum’s Destroying LP in his “top 10 of 2015″ list at

3. Blackbird Raum: Destroying

This Santa Cruz based group of crusty-buskers keep evolving on record after record with stronger, increasingly well-written & varied songs. In this case following the thoroughly amazing “False Weavers”. I wondered how they could top what is sure to become an Anarcho-Punk classic as the years go by. On “Destroying” also released by S.F.’s stellar Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club (record label/comic-zine publishers) BBR create something entirely new & fantastic in a semi-collaboration with Irish folk-punks Lynched & the influence is crystal clear while seamlessly incorporated with BBR’s unique crusty-folk sound. Check out “Last Legs” which we cover on “Constructs of the State” as well as “Hecatombe/Augustin’s (deer song)” & “Grist Mill” to name a few of the stand-out tracks on an over-all compelling record.