We have two vitally important zines back in stock from Dorris Press, each with “pay what you want” pricing. Feel free to pay as little as one penny, we don’t mind losing money on these if it means getting the messages out to more people.

Learning Good Consent is a zine that anyone who cares about being a decent human should read and re-visit, with articles about how to behave with other people, in both sexual interactions and everyday living.

“Talking about our experiences with consent, our struggles, our mistakes and how we’ve learned, these are part of a much larger revolutionary struggle.”


Over the coming weeks we will be syndicating the full contents of “Learning Good Consent” for free on our Tumblr, and you’re welcome to print your own copy of the PDF (already collated for assembly – note the page numbers).

Filling The Void is a collection of eight interviews with punks about getting sober. A great resource for people trying to quit who might not find AA/NA or other literature speaking to their experience (though definitely worth reading alongside anything that works for you, we’re not here to judge and support whatever form your struggle takes). Not spiritual or straight-edge. Frank discussions and stories about the positive and negative roles drinking/using had in their lives, why they decided to quit, what they struggled with and how they managed to do it.
interviewees include Erick Lyle (Scam zine), Artnoose (Ker-bloom zine), Cindy (Doris zine), and John Geek (The Fleshies). Interviews conducted by and edited by Cindy and Caty Crabb

Available now in the [Zines section of the Silver Sprocket shop]