Hi friends!  This is a long time coming, but I’m going with the flow and starting a Patreon campaign
so that fans can support me making comics!  You may be thinking “But
Liz, you haven’t been actively creating comics for us online lately” and
that is sadly true!  My Patreon page explains my absence from the world
of webcomics, and introduces a brand new monthly comic mail order
subscription service!

Here’s the deal: I’m drawing a journal comic for every day of 2016.
This is an exercise to get me back in the habit of drawing daily, as
well as giving me a way to self-publish books again: both of which I
love, but am sorely out of practice with.  I have set up my Patreon with
a sliding pay scale:

for $7-$10 per month you will get a collection of each month’s strips delivered to your door in mini comic format

for $3-$5
per month you will get a digital subscription to each month’s comics,
posted weekly in digest format (physical subscription members will also
have access to the digital posts)

and if you
want to pledge, but don’t have the money or interest for the higher
tiers, there is a $1 tip jar option, which is still greatly appreciated!

Here is a mock up version of what the finished books will look like
(please keep in mind that these were made using the comics from my April
2015 daily strips, and the books produced for this project will have
full cover art and title pages).

Thanks for your time!  I hope I get to send you comics in the mail every month!  And do me a favor, if you’re interested in helping out with this campaign, please SPREAD THE WORD!


Daily comics from Liz Prince! Go and support!