Does this make us a ✨ real publisher ✨ ?

Ben Passmore’s Your Black Friend and Other Strangersis a collection, not a graphic novel, but it tells a story and tells it loud. This story, Passmore writes in the introduction, is “about how to be dangerous, how to be a failure, how to laugh in the face of a world that wants to crush us. … And we all fail, homies, it’s OK. We just have to learn how to fail upward.” He adds that “there are a bunch of comics in here that are supposed to turn you into anarchists,” and with that goal he pours out his thoughts on racism, the Black Lives Matter and Antifa movements, hypocrisy, Trump, the police, God and what it’s like to go to jail. He writes lavishly, excessively, piling on observations and theories until he nearly overflows his word balloons.

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