We’re teaming up with California College of the Arts’ (CCA) comics program to host the CCA Comics Festival on Saturday, July 7th at the Silver Sprocket store at 1685 Haight Street from 2-6pm, with a comics reading from 6-7ish!!

This event will celebrate the comics and art of CCA students, alumni, and faculty.

We have a Facebook event page for the Festival here:

PLEASE click that you are going and then invite your friends, family, frenemies, partners, and random hook-ups.

Spread on all the social media: #ccacomicsfestival.

All are welcome and the event is entirely FREE (plus, free beer while it lasts)!
The more folks we can get coming to the shop, the merrier!

Artists showing their comics include:

Meggie Ramm, Wei-Ching Shyu, Oliver Northwood, Dustin Garcia, Alicia Cardell, Al Figeroid, Eric Wong, Tianyi Guo, Samia Fakih, Kameron Peck, Breena Nunez Peralta, Lawrence Lindell, Nicky Rodriguez, Shuchita Mishra, Yael Levy, Lauren Davis, Maxi Roderiguez, Alex Combs, Sam Soto-Saines, Sierra Barnes, Haley Spaeth, and faculty.

I’m super excited about this, so please come check it out 😁